1 Eagleton Notes: A Walk in The Sun

Friday, 14 October 2011

A Walk in The Sun

It's been a busy week away from Blogland so far.  I have had, Anna, (a friend whom I made in New Zealand some years past but who lives near Glasgow) staying for a few days.  So it's been a few days of entertaining mutual friends, relaxing, visiting, coffeeing and generally cramming as much into the days as possible.

Less than two months ago (20th August to be precise) I posted I've Started So I'll Finish about a walk on Traigh Mhor (the big beach) at Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis where I live.  That was the second occasion in nearly 40 years that I've done that walk.  On Wednesday I did it a third time:  with Anna.

I also took the opportunity to play with my new toy (The Jogtracker app on my HTC). It records the walk.

Because it was low tide we were able to go round the headland

Into a wonderful little secluded cove:

Sandpipers (I think!)

I really should do that more often.


  1. Lucky you, to be able to get around to the little secluded cove. The tide has always been too far in when we have been walking that beach. Must check the tides for next time. x

  2. Superb shots. You made the best of the light. It is a stunningly beautiful place.

  3. I love the reflections in the fourth photo!

  4. Fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

  5. That's a dream walk! Beautiful place, indeed.

  6. Oh. Really lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us. I appreciate the cleanliness of the beach!

  7. Yes, Spesh, the cove was well worth it.

    Thanks Adrian. In those conditions it is a world class beach.

    Thanks CJ. It's a while since I had so many opportunities for a many interesting shots in one place.

    Pauline I can't walk along a beach without thinking of some of the beaches you've taken me to. Particularly the beach with the 'secret' cove you arrived at by going through a cleft in the rock (which has now been closed off). Your love of beach walks has shown me a lot of places in New Zealand. Thank you.

    Yes, Katherine, I can't imagine how we would feel if some of our fabulous beaches were suddenly covered in oil. We have beaches in the Islands to rival some of the best in the world. We just don't have the corresponding weather!

  8. Looks wonderfully peaceful. Beautiful photography.

  9. Wonderful, wonderful photos! All that wide open spaces... *sigh*